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Downloadable Products and Workshops:
Style and Substance x Ten
Bottle what you've gotThe Bottle What You've Got Programme
Cost Effective downloadable products and workshops designed to bring out the very best in you
Wearing the best clothes for your body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle can positively and dramatically change your appearance.  Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see!  You will feel great knowing that you look your best which, in turn, will lead to increased self confidence and better self esteem.  Be prepared for a lots of compliments from others too!
All these products are available at a fraction of the price of a one-to-one session with a Style Coach.  We want our service to be available and affordable to as many people as possible - it needn't cost a fortune to look a million dollars!
This programme was created after asking YOU what you wanted (watch video below to hear what some of you had to say)
Downloadable Products:
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                    Downloadable Style Guides:
Style Guides 1a and 1b (Separate Guides for Women and Men)
"Dressing for your Body Shape" 
Learn -
  • How to determine your own body shape
  • Which clothes and styles are most flattering for your shape
  • How to enhance your best features and disguise those you are less fond of
  • How dressing in the right clothes for your shape can be transformational!
You will wonder how you ever got by without this guide!

Usually £44.95 each - now just £10.95 each!

Guide 1a: Dressing for your Body Shape ( Women) :  £10.95
Dressing for your body shape
Guide 1b: Dressing for your Body Shape (Men) : £10.95
Dressing for your bodyshape

Style Guide 2
"Wearing Colour with Confidence" - (guide for both men and women)
Wearing colour with confidence
 Wearing the wrong colours can make you look tired or ill and can even emphasise lines and wrinkles, making you look older!  On the other hand, wear the best colours for you and watch your face light up with a radiant glow and you will be very likely to hear comments from others such as "your'e looking well today!" or even better, "wow you look so young"!
* This package includes FREE fabric Colour Swatches in your best colours (worth £11.95!)  which will be posted to you when you have determined your colour season*
Learn -
  • How to determine the colours and tones that bring out the best in you
  • How to wear clothes that you already own that you love but which may not be in your best colours (and still look great! )
  • How to, effectively, use accessories to add colour to your wardrobe
  • How the wearing the right colours can make you look younger, healthier and even diminish the apprearance of lines and wrinkles!

Usually £49.95 - now just  £15.95

Wearing Colour with Confidence
Guide 2
Price: £15.95


Style Guide 3

"Wardrobe Makeover Guide" ( Guide for both men and women)
A step by step guide to:
From this...                                                                                               To more like this!
cluttered wardrobe
organised wardrobe
  • Decluttering your wardrobe
  • Re-organising your clothes and accessories to create a functional wardrobe that will make dressing easier
  • How to decide what is worth keeping and what is not
  • Creating a shopping plan to suit your bodyshape, lifestyle, personality and budget
  • How to have a wardrobe of clothes that you actually feel great in!

Usually ££44.95 -now just £10.95!

Wardrobe Makeover Guide
Guide 3
Price: £10.95

 Style Guide 4

"Shopping With Confidence" 
Usually £40.95 - now just £11.95!

Guide 4a (Women's guide): £11.95

Shopping with confidence
  • Creating the perfect "Capsule Wardrobe"
  • Getting the right fit
  • Choosing and using accessories effectively
  • Investment Dressing
  • Staying "on Trend" without having to spend a fortune
  • How plan your shopping effectively and avoid making expensive mistakes
  • How to buy jeans to suit your shape

Guide 4b (Men's guide): £11.95

shopping with confidence
  • Creating the perfect "Capsule Wardrobe" for your lifestyle
  • How to choose trends without breaking the bank
  • Choosing the right jeans for you

  • Men's accessories and how to use them
  • How knowing the basic "rule" that make men's dressing easier
  • How to plan your shopping effectively and avoid making expensive mistakes

Coming Soon:
The Style and Sub V.I.P. Club!!

Watch this space for more details

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