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How to be the woman that men can't resist
The Virtual Hair Stylist
Choosing The Right Colours for Your Wardrobe
Some great packing tips for stress free holidays
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Cindy's Blog- Living a LIfe of Style and Substance

How to be the woman that men can't resist

I have something really important to share with you today.

My friend, Relationship Expert, Mirabelle Summers showed me this incredible video that shows you how to BE the woman that men can't resist...

...And how to use this secret to become a love magnet.

Don't miss this!

If you've ever wished that men would stop pushing you away...

If you've ever been confused by men's seeming unexplained behavior...

If you've ever wished to connect with a man at a level where he wants to open up to you.

The Virtual Hair Stylist

Thinking about changing your hair style or colour but not sure if it would suit you?
Now you can use this brilliant FREE Virtual Hair Stylist  to see how you would look before you take the plunge!
You can simply pick face shape that is similar to yours or upload a photo of yourself for a more accurate picture.
Full instructions can be found on the UK Hairdressers site:

Choosing The Right Colours for Your Wardrobe

Choosing the Right Colours for Your Wardrobe
Every season designers introduce new colours in their new clothing lines.  It is easy to be tempted to try some new colours for the new season.
Don’t do it unless these  are right for you, because the truth is, not all colours look good on everyone.
With every item choose for  your wardrobe, be sure the colour will be right  with your skin type and hair colour so that you will always look your best.

Some great packing tips for stress free holidays

Want some great packing tips for stress free holidays?

" Yes Please!! "

Budget airlines are brilliant but the small baggage allowances can be challenging when it comes to deciding what to take with you for a 2 week break!

Having just come back from a break in Cyprus myself, I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on packing the perfect summer wardrobe into a small suitcase

For many people, what to pack to look good and feel relaxed whilst travelling is a huge dilemma so they end up trying to cram in everything but the kitchen sink - ”just in case"    

On-line Style Guides for Men and Women

Wearing the best clothes for your body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle can positively and dramatically change your appearance.  Imagine looking in the mirror and loving what you see!  You will feel great knowing that you look your best which, in turn, will lead to increased self confidence and better self esteem.  Be prepared for a lots of compliments from others too!

Christmas and New Year Pary Dresses

Yes I know it's only September but i'm already being asked for advise on Christmas and New Year party wear so I thought I'd find a few dresses that combine sexiness, style and affordability (yes it is possible to have all three!)

This dress is stunning yet comfortable - the empire line means that you can actually eat in it! The bust area is gathered and padded so it would suit a ladies with a small to medium bust plus it's not too short - it stops at a point that is flattering on most people.

What people were wearing on the streets of Surrey in August

Here are a some more Stylish,  REAL people, out and about in Richmond, giving us a few style tips of their own!
(Click on the photos to enlarge the image)
Colin Francis -  Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin Francis - Style:The Modern Dandy
Colin, who works in Danieli Men's Boutique in Richmond, manages to create a uniquely stylish look by giving traditional garments a modern twist.

Colin's Style Tips: Combine conventional with trendy eg a velvet blazer with jeans, quirky shoes and a pocket handkerchief or expensive with cheaper items for an individual look

Women's Guide to Dressing for Business Meetings and Presentations

If you run your small business from home, and do most of yourbusiness by phone or online,you can get away with wearing what you like a lot of the time.After all, how would anyone know whether you are wearing your best suit or your favourite pyjamas whilst speaking with them on the phone?
There will probably be times, though, whenyou’remeeting with clients, potential business partners or sponsors, that you will need to consider your dress as carefully as would if you were attending a job interview.

What to Wear to Royal Ascot

If you're attending  the  Royal Ascot Races,   (Tuesday 19 – Saturday 23 June 2012)  you will want to know what you can and can't wear as the rules seem to change every year!   
The dress codes have been tightened this season, banning fascinator head wear and noting that all attendees wear hats instead. As well as this ladies have been asked to wear skirts and dresses of “modest lengths” falling just above the knee or longer.

For men attending Ascot 2012

Real people - Real style

"Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others"
Orson Welles

What people are wearing on the streets of Surrey in May:

Everyone's style should reflect who they are and it's great to see how REAL people adapt trends to suit their own style personalites.
Every month we'll be on the lookout for people on the streets of Surrey  who have a stylish look of their own. 
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